Record growth in Alko's sales - wine flowed in the spring of interest

In exceptional circumstances, Finns are happy to choose wines from Alko's shelf. ISMO PEKKARINEN / AOP

Alko's sales have increased significantly during the first half of the year compared to the previous year. In exceptional circumstances, Finns have set out to order alcohol online.
Alko's beverage sales increased by 10 percent during the first half of the year compared to the previous year . During the first four months of the year, a total of 26.8 liters of beverages were sold .
Sales of rosé wines, white wines and red wines have increased the most in percentage terms . Brewery products, sparkling wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages have traded worse than last year .
Sales figures will be boosted by the holidays and exceptional circumstances at the beginning of the year, sums up Kari Pennanen , Alko's Business Director .
- Sales at the beginning of the year are affected by Easter and May Day . Due to the corona situation, reduced foreign travel and the closure of restaurants and bars have increased sales .
Pennanen, the total consumption of alcohol licensed premises corresponding to approximately 10 : per cent, travelers and 15 : per cent .
The popularity of e-commerce has grown
Alko has not yet published its monthly customer statistics for May . However, Pennanen estimates that the number of customer visits in recent months has increased from the previous year . Korona - during shopping is done at one time more than a year ago .
During the exceptional period, Alko's customer numbers have varied greatly depending on the day and the store . In March - April, the number of visitors was 1.2 per cent higher than usual .
According to Pennanen, customers' interest in Alko's e-commerce and digital services has increased during the exceptional period .
- In April, about 15,000 e-commerce orders were placed . The growth was 110 percent compared to the previous year .
Pennanen believes that the opening of restaurants will affect Alko's sales result . It is difficult to assess the extent of the effects in advance .

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